Bone Health

A model of fracture risk used to examine the link between bone mineral density and the impact of different therapeutic mechanisms on fracture outcomes in patients with osteoporosis

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Systems pharmacology model development to provide physiologically based interpretation and drug development decision support in osteoporosis and other bone mineral-related diseases

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Extension of multi-scale systems pharmacology model to evaluate effect of vitamin D3 pharmacokinetics on bone health

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A mathematical model to quantify links between bone mineral density, patient factors and therapeutic interventions on fracture risk in patients with osteoporosis

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Model-based meta-analysis for development of a population-pharmacokinetic (PPK) model for Vitamin D3 and its 25OHD3 metabolite using both individual and arm-level data

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Connecting the dots: Linking osteocyte activity and therapeutic modulation of sclerostin by extending a multiscale systems model

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Extensions of a multiscale systems pharmacology model of bone mineral balance and its regulation of bone health

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Systems pharmacology model development to provide physiologically-based interpretation and drug development decision support in osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases

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An evaluation of calcilytic effects on parathyroid hormone and bone mineral density response using a physiologically-based, multiscale systems pharmacology model

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Predicting nonlinear changes in bone mineral density over time using a multiscale systems pharmacology model

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Qualification of a physiologically-based model for predicted bone marker and bone mineral density changes associated with denosumab treatment

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Bayesian joint modeling of bone mineral density and repeated time-to-fracture event for multiscale bone systems model extension

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Systematic extension of a physiologic model of bone and calcium homeostasis

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Multiscale physiology-based modeling of mineral bone disorder in patients with impaired kidney function

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Applying a multiscale physiologic system model to evaluate bone-related disease and therapeutic responses

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