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Metrum Research Group is proud to continue supporting training, education, and open courseware efforts in strategic modeling and simulation. MetrumRG is now hosting all course materials from the Metrum Institute training series.

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Course materials are freely available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.

A Gentle Introduction to OptimalDesign for Pharmacometric Models

PK/PD studies should be designed in such a way that the model parameters will be... See More

Simulation Concepts and their Application to Model‐Informed Drug Development

Workshop presented 24-25 October 2019 at American Conference on Pharmacometrics in Orlando, FL by instructors... See More

Introduction to Bayesian pharmacometric data analysis with NONMEM

Workshop presented 19 October 2019 at American Conference on Pharmacometrics in Orlando, FL by instructors... See More

Population and ODE-based models using Stan and Torsten

Presented 20-21 August 2019 at StanCon in Cambridge, UK by instructors Charles Margossian and Yi... See More

Introduction to mrgsolve (PAGE workshop, 2018)

This course was delivered at the PAGE 2018 meeting in Montreux, Switzerland on June 2,... See More

Advanced Use of Stan, RStan and Torsten for Pharmacometric Applications

These videos capture most of a one day workshop presented at the PAGE 2018 meeting... See More

PBPK and QSP model implementation and utilization in R

In this tutorial session, we will review case studies in PBPK and QSP modeling and... See More

A Brief Introduction to Bayesian Modeling Using Stan

This introduction to Stan provides a brief primer to Bayesian modeling and the practical use... See More

MI260: Bayesian Model-Based Meta-Analysis to Support Decision Making in Drug Development

MI260 provides an introduction to meta analysis concepts and methods, with a strong focus on... See More

MI255: Exposure-Response Modeling of Categorical, Count, and Time-to-Event Data Using Bayesian Methods

MI255 is an intensive course providing an introduction to modeling of categorical, count, and time-to-event... See More

MI250: Introduction to Bayesian PK-PD Modeling & Simulation

MI250 provides an introduction to Bayesian modeling theory and the practical use of WinBUGS and... See More

MI212: Advanced Topics in Population PK-PD Modeling & Simulation

MI212 covers intermediate through advanced-level population PK-PD modeling and simulation through lecture and hands-on lab... See More

MI210: Essentials of Population PK-PD Modeling and Simulation

MI210 provides an extensive overview of topics in population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, including nonlinear mixed-effects... See More

MI205:R for Pharmacometrics 

MI205 covers introductory through intermediate-level R programming topics with a focus on pharmacometric applications through... See More