Introduction to Bayesian pharmacometric data analysis with NONMEM

Workshop presented 19 October 2019 at American Conference on Pharmacometrics in Orlando, FL by instructors William Gillespie, Ph.D. and Curtis Johnston, Pharm.D.

This workshop introduced principles and methods of Bayesian data analysis for pharmacometric applications.  We provided a guided hands-on experience in Bayesian data analysis using NONMEM v7.4. The hands-on examples focused on population PK and PK/PD models with specific attention to situations when informative prior distributions can be used to reflect pharmacological understanding.  The course covered basic Bayesian and Markov chain Monte Carlo methodology, methods for model evaluation and MCMC convergence, and tips for implementation of models in NONMEM.  The workshop concludes with an introduction to fitting Bayesian population PK and PK/PD models with Stan/Torsten.

Material from the workshop can be found here.

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