Stacey Tannenbaum, Ph.D., FISoP

Vice President, Scientific Engagement

With over 20 years of progressive leadership experience managing model-informed drug development projects and teams, Stacey joins MetrumRG with a proven track record of converting complex data into insights that guide critical decision making and drive value.  In this new role, Stacey will use her wealth of experience to lead MetrumRG’s business development initiatives to build new client relationships and strengthen existing ones, while advising drug development teams on quantitative and strategic approaches to decision making. As a successful leader and mentor, Stacey will work with the President of Quantitative Sciences and other VPs to assist in the development of staff through professional development and training programs.

Recent publications by this scientist

A Modern Curriculum for Training Scientists in Model-Informed Drug Development: Progress Report on FDA Grant to Train Regulatory Scientists

July 17, 2024

The paper details a collaborative initiative funded by the FDA, where the Critical Path Institute and partners created didactic e-learning materials on model-informed drug development (MIDD) for non-modeling audiences. The curriculum, enriched with case studies from multinational pharmaceutical companies, includes 13 hours of training videos and is currently being beta-tested by FDA reviewers. Future plans involve expanding the content, offering 1:1 mentorship sessions, and providing broader access to the learning management system to support global stakeholders and the evolving MIDD community.

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