Matthew M. Riggs, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Matt offers over 16 years of industry experience including the application of modeling and simulation for clinical pharmacology and later phase drug development decisions. Matt’s interests include the development and application of mechanistic exposure-response and systems pharmacology models to quantitatively integrate physiology, pharmacology, senescence and disease understandings; this to guide translational and clinical research toward improved preventative and interventional therapeutics.

Recent publications by this scientist

Population pharmacokinetic – pharmacodynamic analysis to characterize the effect of empagliflozin on renal glucose threshold in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

May 31, 2018

Mondick J, Riggs M, Kaspers S, Soleymanlou N, Marquard J, Nock V. J Clin Pharmacol. 58 (5): 640-649; May 2018

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A perspective on the state of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology integration

May 15, 2018

Trame MN, Riggs M, Biliouris K, Marathe D, Mettetal J, Post TM, Rizk ML, Visser SAG, Musante CJ.  CPT Pharmacometrics Syst Pharmacol. doi: 10.1002/psp4.12313. 2018 May 15.

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A model of fracture risk used to examine the link between bone mineral density and the impact of different therapeutic mechanisms on fracture outcomes in patients with osteoporosis

November 3, 2017

Eudy-Byrne RJ, Gillespie W, Riggs MM. Gastonguay MR. J Pharmacokinet Pharmacodyn (2017).  First online 28 Oct 2017.

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