Eric Anderson, M.S.

Senior Data Science Engineer I

Eric joined MetrumRG in May of 2017. He holds an M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Connecticut. Prior to joining MetrumRG, Eric worked in the areas of Analytics and Economic Research in the insurance industry for over five years. His experience includes statistical programming, creating insight-driven data visualizations, and developing application based user interfaces.

Recent publications by this scientist

gPKPDviz: A flexible R shiny tool for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic simulations using mrgsolve

January 12, 2024

GPKPDviz is a Shiny application designed for real-time simulation, visualization, and assessment of PK/PD models. The app allows the generation of virtual populations, simulation of diverse dosing scenarios, and assessment of covariate and dosing regimen impacts on PK/PD endpoints. It supports loading actual population data from clinical trials and offers a streamlined workflow for efficient modeling.

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