MeRGE Expo

Each MeRGE (Metrum Research Group Ecosystem) Expo provides you with an in-depth introduction to setting up and running a modeling and simulation (M&S) analysis. It also explains how to employ the same processes and suite of tools we use at MetrumRG. What you can expect from each Expo:

  • Step-by-step instructions through an example M&S analysis.
  • A demonstration of how we ensure traceable and reproducible pharmacometrics research.
  • Access to sample code through MetrumRG’s Github repository
  • Information and vignettes highlighting our complete suite of tools.

Population PK Expo

Demonstrates the suite of MeRGE tools pertaining to an example population PK analysis, including project set-up, data assembly, M&S activities, and reporting. 

Bayesian Population PK Expo

Coming soon! bbr.bayes seamlessly integrated with NONMEM(R) Bayesian estimation methods: enables modelers to take advantage of advanced Bayesian modeling techniques, while leveraging bbr’s capabilities for model management, traceability, and reproducibility.

Bayesian-Exposure Response Expo

Get started with bbr.bayes, an extension of the bbr.package. bbr.bayes seamlessly integrates with Stan. The Expo demonstrates examples of using bbr.bayes in a typical Bayesian exposure-response M&S workflow, including model fitting, model evaluation and model summarization.