Yi Zhang, Ph.D.

Statistical and Mathematical Software Engineer II

For over 10 years Yi has been working on numerical methods of differential equations and their software implementations. Before joining Metrum in 2017, he was a software engineer at Altair Engineering, Inc, working on multiphysics numerical solvers and nonlinear dynamics. His current interests include numerical solution of differential equations and uncertainty quantification.

Recent publications by this scientist

Population and ODE-based models using Stan and Torsten

September 6, 2019

Margossian C, Zhang Y. Workshop presented at StanCon 2019. Cambridge UK. 20-21 August 2019.

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Torsten: Stan functions for pharmacometric applications. New functionality including within chain parallel computation.

June 13, 2019

Zhang Y,  Gillespie W. Poster presented at 2019 Population Approach Group in Europe (PAGE). Stockholm, Sweden. 13 June 2019. Abstract IV-29.

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Bayesian inference with partial differential equations using Stan

August 30, 2018

Zhang Y, Gillespie WR, Minjie Zhu. Poster presented at StanCon. Helsinki, Finland. 30 Aug 2018.

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