Jonathan Sidi, Ph.D.

Research Scientist II

Jonathan is an experienced statistician who joined Metrum in 2016 after working for several years on problems in applied statistics, financial stress testing and economic forecasting in both industrial and academic settings. He holds a double major in Statistics and Economics, and a Masters of Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Statistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on signal process classification and monitoring in a high dimension setting. His primary areas of statistical expertise are generalized mixed effects models, dimension reduction, multivariate statistical process monitoring and machine learning.

Recent publications by this scientist

Real world evidence and model-informed drug development – an antidiabetic drug cardiovascular outcome case study

June 18, 2018

Meng Z, Rogers J, Sidi J, Tang Q, Patel D, Gaudel-Dedieu N, and Delvart D. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Approach Group in Europe (PAGE) Montreux, Switzerland, May 2018. Abstract I-76.

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